What is this role? What part of this role play in the film production? ,,,,.jpg

The role of the casting director is someone who organizes and facilitates the casting of actors for all the roles needed throughout the film. This includes working closely with the director and producer to understand their wants and needs for the film; it also involves suggesting ideal people for each role, as well as arranging and organizing interviews and auditions for people that will be appropriate for the role being chosen. The casting director also negotiates payments and contracts for the actors, and acts as a liaison and very strong help for the actual director of the film and there actors and agents.

This is a important role because they have a strong say and choice in the actors that will be chosen for the main parts in the film, which also means the person that has this role has to have a strong knowledge of actors and be able to determine who will be best for the role.

What is required of the role for each stage of the film production process (pre-production, production, post-production)?
After reading a script, the casting director, director, and producer decide what types of actors fit various roles in the script. This is where a good memory for faces and names--as well as industry contacts--comes in handy. At this stage of the film the casting director have to sit through several auditions for people auditioning for the actors in the movie, this also involved going through the script and contemplating which person is best for each role.


What other roles collaborate with your role? How do they? List at least 3. The director is someone that will be included in this job because the choices the casting director makes impacts on the directors job. For example if the casting director is choosing the right actors for the job it makes the director’s job a lot easier. This is also the same as the producer.

What training is required to take this role?
]There are no actual educational requirements to become a casting director, but one of the things that may help you through getting a job, is to have an eye for talented actors, some type of prior experience and a good grasp of the business side of the motion picture industry. Some prior people to this job have also said that patience is also a main key when having this job, because after auditioning hundreds over people for a certain role can become quite testing on your patience. Subject that’s also need to be studied that will be a great help to you would be film and theatre arts, such as acting and directing, as well as business management, this is also because casting directors need to know how to negotiate contracts and understand the parts of working with other employees in the industry. Acting classes are also a extra thing to do to get yourself to understand what makes a good actor etc, so during auditions you know exactly what you are looking for.

What courses are available?

University of Phoenix have many causes and also online learning for people interested in this certain field. Other then this the courses are very limited because there isnt alot of training required for this job. Most of the training can be done through acting classes and studying business during school. There is also a place called actors west or people who are interested in this can do a two or four year film cource which can also give them a great start and insight to the industry. If done of these cources are avaible to you, there are internships to get involved in which can then lead to a full time job.

What schools offer these courses in Melbourne?
when starting at a young age, acting classes is something that will help you not only for refrence but for experience. A school that offers acting classes at a young age is Scren acting Australia, vurve studios, 

What equipment is required for this role? You may want to include images? This job dosent require alot of equipment. During the interviews microphones etc may be needed for performances, but apart from that equpiment isnt a major part in this job.

Are there any famous names associated with your role? Who? What have they worked on? Since this role is very behind the scenes and not as well known as other roles there are, there aren’t any famous names known for casting directors.

Are there any notable examples of this role in operation in specific films? This is very much like the question above. Due to the behind the scenes job there is no well known films as well.

Describe any changes or issues in this role due to developments in technology and the media industry? There can be some changes in this role due to technology including people applying online instead of handing ressumes etc in by person. This can be a positive and a negative because seeing the person as they bring there resume can be a good indicator for the casting directors to see what they are looking at when the interview proceeds. Another positive for using technology in this job is that actors may be able to be found a lot easier by looking through you tube etc, to find the right person for the job by seeing what they are capable of by looking at their videos on you tube.