Lighting Director :)

What you do in the job?

Attend technical planning meetings with the director to gauge the
requirements of the show. Design a lighting plan for the studio, in
conjunction with the designer and discuss it with the director.
ON the studio day, set the lights with the team of electricians, and
lighting console operators.

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The reason why lighting is so important in the film industry was because if you shoot a scene without
artificial lights, either the shadows will go completely black or the highlights will go completely white. All of this means that if you
want a scene to look natural, ironically the only way to do that is to have enough light to make film see the scene the way our eyes see the scene.

pre production :
The lighting diector will read the script carefully and make notes on changes in place and
time between scenes - such changes are often done just with lighting to avoid
too many blackouts in one scene - and will have meetings with the Director, Designers,stage managers and production manager
and during the pre-production to talk about ideas for the show and establish budget and scheduling details.

During the production the lighting director has to organise what lights are needed and where they go. They also need to arranged the type of lights they will be using because of different colour schemes. They need to know what lights go in certain angles and make sure they get the right amount of shadow they need so they don't get to much darkness. They also create the right mood they need for that scence and can ajust the amont of light there using witch means they can turn it brighter or darker.

Post production:They have to be prepared to do a reshoot, just incase something goes wrong.

What other roles collaborate with your role? how do they ?Camera:would collaborate with my role because they would also be needing to see how the light looks through the camera and how well it is going to effect the actors/actresses through the angles of the light.

director:would collaborate with the lighting director because they would need the feed back from the director and the directors opinion about what should be done with the lights.Actors/actresses: would collaborate with the lighting director because the lights will be setting the mood of the scene and also give you an idea of what the character is like and about.
what courses are avaliable ?
Diploma of Live Production, Theatre and Events .Technical Production
Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media

specialising in Motion and Visual Effects
What schools offer this course in melbourne?
RMIT, swinbirne university, boxhill tafe, swinbirne tafe
What equipment is required for this role?
external image low_budget_light.jpgvariety of lights.

external image location_film_video_lighting_grip_trucks_equipment_packages.jpglighting screens.

What qualities are required?
A lot of experience of TV production in Studios and/or location,
depending on your chosen area, A strong eye and an understanding of
flexible approaches to lighting to allow for the inevitable changes that
always occur.

changes and Issues in this role due to technology ?

lights are more powerful and they would be alot better to use with the camera.

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