Production Designer
What is this role?

A production designer's role is to complete the overall look of a certain filmed event such external image michlap_450.jpgas a film or television show. To complete this job they are head of the whole entire Art Department, so this makes their role creative. They are there to help the directors and producers in creating the visual aspects of the film. Production designers also design the sets, locations, graphics, lightings and costumes plus many more for the film. Their importance is major as they have to help calculate and find the correct budgets in specific times.

Jobs at every stage

Production Designers work from the first process as pre-production to right at the end at post-production. The work they deliver from the pre-production stage is firstly being hired by the director or producer. They have to read the script given to them by the director, then they will then produce many sketches relating towards the script. These sketches would then be viewed and the production designer will give their visual feel on the film. These sketeches will come from sources of books, photographs and paintings. Once all the final changes have been made the designer will then create their future art department, which would then go onto further planning on making the film. Meetings after meetings sets, props, costumes and many other effects will then be created towards the production.
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During the production stage and when the shooting is about to start to manage everybody by creating work schedules and always keeping an eye on the budget. As having one of the biggest jobs they are always on set early every morning and watch the set ups with the director, art director and the director of photography. They then respond to any questions and fix up any mistakes that are needed and they always double check on the constructions of other sets. They have the final choice on the sets and locations so everything needs to be signed by them. Also depending on the work load they can finish at various times during the filming of a movie.


In post-production it becomes a much more easier job for them as they don't do much. As on what they do is do any re-shoots, CGI effects and any other small things that need to be complete. They also work out how much the total amount was spent on the production and they also work with the Director to make sure that the final film is up to the correct standards.

What other roles collaborate with your role? how do they? list at least 3.
Art Director: They also have the job to do the similar work and they also need to work on expanding and creating the sets while the Production Designer is working on other jobs.
Director of Photography: They have the job to find out the locations and work out all the effects of the sets and create something new.
Producer: They also have control over the budgets and they also get some say into what will happen during the production. The similarity can be shone and they can change what they like.

‍‍‍How to get the job?‍‍‍
Skills and Education:
You need the basic drawing/design skills. Most production designers have degrees in architecture and design. So you dont really need job requirements. They will always recieve help on how to get there skills polished and production designers need to be good communicators and need to be able to visually percieve things. They also need to psysically build it and people skills.

Career Advice:
The best way to understand how to get the job is to be able to produce the final oucome. One good way to get there is by working hard and actually starting off as a assistant or working at one of the minor jobs they also have that is offered which gives you the chance to understand and it is much easier.

What equipment is required for this role?
The equipment required for this role is that they need a script alot of sketch books with pencils and pens, so they can create future ideas. They also need to have the budgets and other main important little things that will help them help all the other crews and actors on the sets to keep everything under control.

Are there any famour names associated with your role? who? what have they worked on?
Only one big name can be the production designer for the Harry Potter movies who does create one of the biggest sets and movies in the world. The detail to make sure that whatever sets they use real or not needs to still give the realistic look on the set.
external image Harry%20Potter%20Wall%20Art%20-%20Interview%20with%20Production%20Designer%20of%20Harry%20Potter%20Films%20Stuart%20Craig.JPG

Descibe any changes or issues in this role due to developements in technology and the media industry.
Some changes and issues on the roles developments in the technology and media industry is that now with all the new CGI effects people are now faking it. So there is not many sets being built so this can be a major piece of work for them.
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