Kendall Jess


What is this role? Film publicity

What part does this role play in the film production process? A film publicists assist distributors in working out how to advertise films in order to maximize audience numbers. Publicist usually have a great deal of time to plan and prepare how they are going to advertise the film, who there main audience they are aiming at is, organize press releases, and advertisement; poster, trailers. Publicists must be knowledgeable and quick to follow-up with opinion makers such as print, TV, radio and Internet critics. The film publicist is also responsible for looking after the actors and stars within the film and making sure they behave and are represented well by the public eye. The film publicist is basically responsible for getting the word out about the film to the general public accordingly.

What is required of the role for each stage of the film process?
Pre-production; organising and planning advertisements champagnes; press releases, meetings, posters, trailers. working with the director and actors to insure the film and characters are being portrayed the way intended.
Production; continuing to organise and planning different advertisements champagnes; press releases, meetings, posters, trailers. working to insure that the film is being advertised to the public effectively.
Post-production; organising different functions and advertisement champagne to continue the advertisement of the film, organising interviews for the actors with various magazines/ T.V shows, along with insuring that the film and people involved have been effectively viewed by the public.


What other roles collaborate with your role? Publicists may also be expected to liaise with promotional partners, working out how they will promote the film. The films cast and crew, organizing photo shoots to promote the film and organize press conferences for the cast along with working with, the producers, organizing and planning for the advertisement and the films release

What training is required to take this role? What courses are available and at what schools? Publicists usually have a degree in communications, journalism or business, other particularly useful qualifications include those in public relations, public speaking, writing and film history and/or production. To become a public relations officer You usually had have to of completed an advanced diploma or degree in public relations or communications, entry to the advanced diploma usually requires a year 12 entre score depending on desired uni/tafe. There are over 45 different courses available in Victoria that can lead directly to film publicity; diploma of advertising, diploma of business (public relations), Swin Burn, RMIT, Melbourne and other uni’s/ tafes and diploma courses, offer certain media related courses that will alow you to entre the publicity world. There is also a film school located in Melbourne, which teaches you the ropes in all areas of film, including publicity, the lengths of these courses vary and can help or lead to certain areas of film expertisee (see link below)

What equipment is required for this role? A film publicists don’t need or require a great deal of high tech equipment as there job in film production is organizing and planning, a publicist will of course need a trustworthy mobile phone, diary or planner due to the films busy time schedule that the publicist has to be aware of, and depending on the size of the film production they may need to be able to access a computer with certain software so that they can help in the planning and building of posters and trailers (small film productions this is more likely).

Famous names associated with your role? There aren’t any ‘house hold names’ of publicist in the film industry, as this role is not as desirable or is seen as prestigious as the director role would be, although the publicist is involved in many important decisions within the production of a film.

Are there any noticeable examples of this role in operation in specific films? Within each Hollywood film the publicists is noticeable, because without the publicists the film would not be advertised or recognized within the public. Twilight is a perfect example of a good publicists, the film has poster, trailers and current update either within the Internet or written articles about the film or cast.

Describes any changes or issues in this role de to developments in technology and the media industry; if anything the publicists ability is growing as the technology grows, without advanced technology the quality of poster and trailers, as well as the ability to spread the word about the film over the internet, TV, radio and articles would have been a great deal harder, less recognized and effective.