Storyboard Artist.

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What is your role? What part does this role play in the film production process?
My role is to do the storyboard artist. The storyboard artist has to create the storyboard for the production by doing sketches and drawings to give an idea of what is going to happen and also for a guide to follow when filming. A storyboard artist is also known as an illustrator, they are usually hired by art directors and film directors. it is quiet a big role in the film industry because with out the storyboard artist the film can not be made, the directors need a guide to follow when filming.

What is required of the role for each stage of the film production process?

Pre production -

  • To get a guide of what the film is about.
  • Draw up a storyboard

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  • Give storyboard to director before they start filming.

What other roles collaborate your role? How do they?

Director – It gives the director a clarification of what to follow whilst directing the production.

Editor – the editor needs to know what the storyboard is like so they know what they are working with when editing the film.
What training is required to take this role?

Some key skills for a storyboard artist would be:

  • excellent drawing skills;
  • ability to think cinematically;
  • excellent communication skills;

What courses are available?
there are courses at these universities:
Academy of Art University

Swinburne University

What schools offer these courses in Melbourne?

swinburne and academy of art University offer certain subjects which link to courses for storyboard artist.

At what levels are these courses?
  • there are 2 levels of courses for storyboard artist.
What equipment is required for this role? You may want to include images.
  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils
  • Rulers

Are there any famous names associated with your role? who? What have they worked on.are there any notable examples of this role operation in specific films?
Steve Werblun is a well known storyboard artist. He has worked on the movie 'because of Winn-Dixie' for a while. Steve also teaches other teachers about media literacy and the language of films. steve also has an interest in being able to show others how he does his storyboards.

Describe any changes or issues in this role due to developments in technology and the media industry/
‍‍‍there hasnt been many changes as a storyboard artist is simply drawing on paper and no technology is needed to do the role.

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